About Us

Hi Friends!! My name is Amanda McAlister. I am a owner and operator of Retail Elephant Boutique. I opened the online boutique in 2015. I was pregnant with my daughter Madelyn. My son Lucas was 3 years old and just diagnosed with Autism. My husband Matthew and I decided it was best for me to spend the time with our newborn and supporting our son and family through journey we were all about to take and not return to the work. But, something was missing for me. Many ideas and long conversations later, this business was born.

We got the name Retail Elephant because initially we were going to sell the most random things ever and wanted a generic name but slowly over time we found the niche of jewelry, accessories and now clothing. Retail Elephant is always growing and we are carrying new items every day.

The word Elephant comes from the GIANT love that our son Lucas has for Elephants. Our family has adopted that love too. Elephants are a symbol of COURAGE,STRENGTH, WISDOM & POWER and there could not be a better way to celebrate this journey.

That being said, my boutique is open to you and I would love to have you shop with me ❤️🐘